Friday, October 16, 2009

Xcite! Updates

Today I have finished a Xcite! update for all Xcite! items I make. All Xcite! items need to be traded in for replacements because the old Xcite! Scripts are now not guaranteed to work as they should. I can be reached in world to exchange all items for people who need them

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I am pleased to announce the newest product from DragonFyre Designs.

A Wooden St. Andrews Cross.

It is currently only available in a old wooden style. A leather version is in the works. It is made with a custom animation made by myself. After looking at animations available in SL I came to the decision to make my own animations because nothing seemed good enough for my cross.

Right now there are no scripts available with it other then for the animation :) It is sold with mod transfer permissions only. Mod perms are granted so you can adjust the restraints for whomever you have on the cross at the time. And made transferable so you can give it as a gift to your Master/Mistress.

This product is available for 150L at my shop in SL and on the SL Marketplace.